Wednesday, February 4, 2009

WWOD?: Skin Care That Oprah Approves Of

It's 4 pm, do you know what station Oprah is on? I bet you do...large or small we love our Oprah. I've done a little footwork to offer a selection of The Great O's skin care suggestions. These can be found on her website of course, but I thought I'd save you the trouble of hunting and clicking.

What does THE O have to say about Wrinkles?

Is there anything specific that THE O uses?
Philosophy: Hope in a Jar: (Is this an Obama skin care product?!) Oprah loves this universal care cream that hydrates and gently exfoliates. Some people can't get over the smell though. Either way, what Oprah says goes.

Is there a body lotion that The Great O suggests?

Does The O get any "work" done? Well, I don't think she'd tell ever tell but she does offer a nice roundup of peels, injection and filler information on her site so she must approve:

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