Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Sharing is Caring: Skin Care 101

If you'd like to know how to easily approach caring for your skin, it's simple, first, you must find a magical hummingbird, one whose tiny beak you will use to gather the pollen from an ancient Himalayan orchid. However, if you cannot find a magical hummingbird these steps will do:

Once or Twice a Day Depending Upon What Your Skin Requires:
1. Cleanse (w/ warm water, your skin should not feel tight or dry afterwards, allow your skin a gentle cleanse)
2. Exfoliate (no scraping, nice and gentle and only once or twice a week)
3. Tone (Alcohol Free, it restores the ph balance of your skin's acid mantle and allows for penetration of step 3)
4. Moisturize (feeds your skin)
5. SPF (protects your skin, UVA & UVB)

Important factors to consider are; determining what type of skin you have, what conditions you are experiencing (maybe a bit of menopausal acne is gracing you with its presence but your skin type is still dry) and what ingredients are in the products that you are using. Establishing a steady routine is surprisingly difficult for many of us but it is also important to do so to see results or consider different strategies. Advanced treatments like serums, gels, potions and lotions are usually applied after cleansing and toning, while your skin is still warm and damp. You can feel free to give your face a little massage while you apply it too, not only does it feel good it truly helps in penetration and improves your circulation.

p.s. anyone who knows where a magical hummingbird does exist, and knows of this ancient Himalayan orchid, please contact me asap.

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