Wednesday, February 4, 2009

No Fuss Skin Care

I was raised by an Irish mother, while she was not from Ireland she was not so many generations away to have lost some essential Irish traits. One of them is no fuss. No fuss reveals itself in Irish cuisine (I am being very generous with that title!) but also in beauty rituals. The women of Ireland were, for the most part, not known for spending hours before the mirror pampering themselves with fine creams and exclusive serums. Perhaps it was because they were too busy trying to survive. Perhaps it was because the Catholic church looked down upon vanity. Either way generations later, I am inclined to agree with my ancestors.

I believe that caring for your skin should not be difficult. I believe that the best approach is a simple approach. Quality versus quantity. My job is to filter the excessive information from the beauty industry machine (that profits on our insecurities and whose favorite client is an uninformed, possible tired, possibly hungry client) and offer my clients the real stuff.

Like you, I am always learning. I belong to groups that share information and experiences, I take seminars, train with new skin care lines, read trade magazines and books and research until the wee hours on the internet. But my most treasured resource are my clients. As my father says, there is a reason why we have two ears and only one mouth. Your individual experience is invaluable to me and I am honored to listen, to learn and to offer what I have learned thus far, to help you. By now, you know, there won't be any fuss.

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